About Goose Landing Studio | Wood Carving | Soapstone

In August of 2014, Goose Landing Studio opened. Originally this studio was known as Indian Trail Carvings, under the ownership of established carvers Keith and Linda Taylor.

We chose this name because Geese work together and cheer each other on, and often visit in the nearby creek and fields.

We are located at 2549 Church St., North Gower.

We offer a community atmosphere, where you can learn to carve wood and soapstone, with your host and fellow carvers.

We also have a variety of soapstone and wood for sale, including tools.

Theme classes and activities can also be offered to both youth and adults. We provide an opportunity for you to connect through activity, by sharing experiences, and supporting each other. Friendships are made within a fun atmosphere, and a camaraderie is developed.

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